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Gen-woodwork 高塚和則 Handcrafted plates Wulnut wood


Artist: Gen-woodworks 高塚和則

Material: Wulnut Wood


Small: φ11cm

Medium: φ20cm

Large: φ24cm

X-Large: φ28cm



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  • Each piece of wood is hand-carved. In order to preserve the original feel of the wood, the surface were not painted with any primer, but natural essential oils been used.
    The color of the wood works will deepen as use. I hope you can enjoy this change while using it. If it can bring a touch of warmth and color to your life, I will be very happy as a maker.


  • Daily use:
    Try to avoid foods with heavy oil.
    Avoid placing in places with direct sunlight.
    Store in a well-ventilated place and keep it in a natural dry environment.
    Wipe dry in time after wet water, DO NOT soak.
    DO NOT put in microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher.


  • Regular maintenance:
    Prepare some wood wax oil or cooking oil (coconut oil, walnut oil or sunflower oil
    Drop some oil on the wooden plate and wipe it evenly on both sides of the plate with a cotton cloth.
    Before the oil is absorbed, put it in a dry and ventilated place, put the chopsticks under the plate, and avoid the plate touching the surface.
    Wipe clean with a clean cotton cloth after 1-3 hours.

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Small, Medium, Large, XLarge


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